These are the things I learned from the millionaires

We all want to become rich and we all have different assumption on what it is like to be rich. Part of it is true, but lot of the things are wrong. Here is how rich people feel about their wealth and life.

Being rich is not as good as being poor is bad

It’s not the money that makes your life great, it’s the lack of it that makes your life miserable. By being rich you do not automatically become happy, but by being poor, it’s almost impossible to be one. Being rich is the mandatory requirement in order to be happy, but not the only one.

Money is important

Don’t believe the lies which say that money is not the most important thing in the world. It is. Sure your health, family and friends are also important, but without money the quality of them will be much lower. With money you can buy 99% of all things that exist. It is a universal currency, never forget that.

Only the ones that want it real bad, will become rich

Forget the the nonsense that says “do what you love and the money will follow”. It may be true for the 1% of the rich, but for the rest being rich meant sacrificing other aspects of live in order to become rich. You really need to set it as your high priority. If you set your priority to be something else, you will get that, but you won’t be rich. Decide for yourself what is important for you, but understand that after you are rich, it’s much easier to get all the other things you may want in life.

You simply don’t care

Most millionaires were born in middle class families. They got the basic covered but still struggled with finances. Most of them were poor for some period of time and only started to make reasonable money in their 30s or 40s. The road to becoming rich has been hard and dirty. They have seen it all from betrayal to simple human evilness, but still managed to come out as winners.

Being selfish is not a bad thing

Life is about struggling, and in struggle some people win and some people lose. The fact is that nice people are those who tend to lose. Rich people are not nice. They are often selfish, jerks or even assholes. This is what made them rich. But don’t get me wrong. It’s not the rich people who become selfish, it’s the selfish who become rich.

You start valuing yourself more

It is true that rich people are often viewed as more valuable members of society, but it’s not because people hate poor, it’s because rich people value their life, health and time more. And you cannot expect other people to value you, if you don’t do it yourself first. While poor people will risk their life and health to earn peanuts, a rich person will rather pay for it, than get his hands dirty.

Some people are not meant to be rich

Being rich is a skill that requires correct mindset and it’s not for everyone. People with poor mindset can never become rich, until they change the way they think. Even if they happen to win in lottery they will eventually spend all their money and become poor again.