Most Profitable Online Businesses In 2021 That Are Booming!


People are quickly realizing that the things they learn in their universities have nothing to do with their life.

They are also realizing that in contrast to the traditional education system that remained unchanged since ages, training in specific domains of their interest helps them make a decent living. Even, the degree for dignity trend is falling.

Selling Digital Products

This is the next profitable business online. You can see it everywhere. People sell eBooks, their songs, informational products, WordPress plugins, themes, and also tools for productivity.

In contrast to affiliate marketing, selling own products may pay you a huge sum depending upon the product you created and how you promote.

While creating any product first off, the 70% of your success depends upon how you research your market and your competitors. Once you are 100% sure that there’ll be hungry buyers for your product, then start creating a product.


I am a professional blogger. I surely love my profession. Blogging is one profession where you earn money for doing what you love.

The best part about blogging is, unlike creating digital products, blogging requires little investment. You just need to get a web hosting account, get a domain and install free WordPress on it. You are good to go.

However, depending upon whether you outsource the content, the investment may differ. If you personally ask me, as I’m running multiple niche blogs I usually outsource all my content to a Filipino or Indian writers, except for this blog – BloggingX.

Freelance writing and other freelancing

There’s a common misconception that freelance writers should have the ability to write in every niche. Today, let’s break it.You can be a niche freelance writer.If you are a medical practitioner, yes you can choose only to write medical related articles. The moment you have domain expertise, people will be willing to pay you more money when you ask them.

You can join a good freelancer sites like UpWork and Outsourcely, and fill out your profile with portfolio and experiences.

Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA stands for “fulfilled by Amazon”. In this industry, you need to buy cheap products from wholesale sellers and list those items at a much higher price on Amazon.

You need to sell white labeled products, and ship it to Amazon Fulfilment centers. Those FBA centers handle the shipping, packaging, and support for the products.