Ways to Get Free Gas

Get Gas Cards

Did you know that you can earn gas cards by watching videos, browsing the Internet, completing surveys, and shopping online?

For each activity you complete via Swagbucks, you earn points that can be used to purchase free gift cards – including gas cards. You can then use the gas cards you earn to get free gas instead of having to pay for it out of your own budget.

 Consider Advertising on Your Car

At Free Gas Help, you can earn free gas cards in exchange for placing advertisements on your car.  They offer a variety of advertisement venues, from door magnets to complete vehicle wraps.

You get to choose which types of ads you have on your car so that you don’t have to drive around with ads you’re uncomfortable with. As you drive around with the ads on your car, you’re earning free monthly gas cards for local gas stations.

Visit Free Gas USA

Free Gas USA was founded in 2008 at the height of the Great Recession. Its mission is to provide gasoline grant assistance to struggling families in the United States. This non-profit organization awards grants each month to pre-qualified candidates based on their level of income, need, circumstances, and the availability of grant funds.

 Take Surveys

There are many companies out there such as Survey Junkie that will allow you to take surveys in order to earn points that can be redeemed for gift cards to a variety of retailers, including gas stations.

The great thing about earning free gas money by filling out surveys is that you can do it online from anywhere you choose when you’ve got free time.

Use Credit Card Rewards to Get Free Gas

There are many credit cards out there that give reward points that you can redeem for cash, for credit to your card, or for gift cards. Keep track of the money you earn via rewards from using your credit cards.Then, use the free rewards points to put gas in your car – i.e. FREE gas.

Contact Charities in Your Area

Many times, local charitable organizations will help people in need by providing gas cards so that they have access to free gas for necessary driving, such as getting to job interviews, getting to work, going to appointments, or going for groceries.