Who is Kylie Jenner?How she Became a Billionaire from Makeup

For many people, Kylie Jenner needs no introduction. From the time she was 10 to the age of 15 she was featured on the reality television show Keeping Up with the Kardashians along with her family members. She also has had a successful modeling career. Kylie is among the most followed celebrities on social media platforms with 27 million followers on Twitter and 141 million followers on Instagram.


Kylie first delved into the beauty industry with the creation of two types of nail polish for the Nicole by OPI nail polish brand in 2013 when she was 16. She was paid 100,000 dollars for her endorsement of the brand. Then Kylie dabbled in clothing and jewelry design along with her sister Kendall followed by shoes, handbags, and hair extensions.

The Vision

Kylie knew that people looked to her for beauty inspiration, and she had already had great success selling products under other people’s brands. So she had a vision for creating her own product to sell based on insecurities she had about her lip size as a child. This is where the idea for Kylie’s Lip Kit came from.

Building a Brand

In 2014, when she was 17, Kylie partnered with Seed Beauty, a company newly founded by Laura Thomas with a focus on developing and manufacturing global beauty brands. Kylie refined her concept for the lip kit, which included a liquid lipstick and matching lip liner, and with the help of Seed Beauty she manufactured 15,000 kits with a personal investment of 250,000 dollars.

Maximizing Profits

Kylie already had a built in customer base with well over 100 million followers on social media. She leveraged her prominent social media presence to market her business by previewing new items, announcing product launches, and demonstrating her products.

The Lesson

Kylie has leveraged her fame, popularity, and available resources to build a massively successful business, but you don’t have to have her level of success to ensure your business will make it off the ground. No matter what your background, there are now more resources than ever available online for entrepreneurs who have the passion and drive to build a successful business from the ground up.