Problems to Solve If You Want to be a Billionaire

There are multiple ways to get there, but we have to warn you, the competition is insane because everybody is racing you for it.

While building a search engine or a social network are not viable options anymore considering that these niches are dominated by enormous players, there are still some problems the world has yet to solve or at least make them mainstream.

Solving any of these 15 problems in an efficient and effective way will get you rubbing shoulders with billionaires.

1: Weight Loss Pill with minimal to no side effects
As of 2018, the diet & weight loss industry is worth around 80 billion dollars in the US alone and expected to reach a value of half a trillion worldwide in the coming years.

2: Viable Plastic Replacement
Yeah, we’re ruining our planet and don’t know what to do about it, because we don’t really want to change.

3: Bio Printing & Organ Printing
There are several sub-industries to this which will be worth billions of dollars each as the technology advances.
Starting with personalize

4: Water scarcity
As of 2016, 1 in 9 people in the world live without access to clean water. That’s close to 850 million people.

Towards the end of 2018, scientists are expecting that number to get close to 1.1 billion people.

Artificial intelligence
A.I. is the holy grail of inventions and for good reason.Artificial intelligence is probably the last invention humans will have to invent.

 Energy storage
It has already been decided that the future is electric, that is, until we can come up with something better.Before we’ll be able to do that, our computers, homes and even cars are electric. Food Production & Alternatives
We’re almost 8 billion people & we have to eat every single day. Somebody’s got to figure out how to make this happen.