Become A Professional Sportsman, actor, musician. everybody is different find what you enjoy what you like or you good at,

Start in young age,take skills and hard work and persistent,Take classes in subjects that interest you,If you do not think you will be able to come see us in person, you can submit an online video of your audition. If you have any questions about online auditions or how open call auditions work be sure to check out our FAQ!


Welcome to the official site to audition of America’s Got Talent..

Audition for America's Got Talent

We want to see your act whether you meet us in person or just send us a video of your act.

We don’t care if you have an act you do professionally, or it’s something you have never done in public before in your life.

We enjoy all talent, whether you are an amazing singer, or can do something really weird with your body. We want to be shocked and amazed by what you can do in 90 seconds!

So take a chance and show us your talent. There are two ways you can try out to be on the show.

Audition Online


Can’t come and meet us in person? No worries! We STILL want to see what you can do. It is now easier than ever to audition by sending us a video of your act.

But stay patient.   You can upload a video, send us a link to your video on YouTube or use your webcam to directly record a video on our site!

Seriously it cannot get any more simple than that!  You have no excuse. Submit a video audition for America’s Got Talent.