Incredibly Important Work Skills That Money Can’t Buy You

many of the job skills employers look for do not require expensive training or degrees. If you are looking for new job opportunities, whether to be an invaluable asset to your current employer or to improve your promotion potential, it’s important to know which work skills are invaluable — and what you can do to gain them. Take a look at these work skills that can improve your employability — you might even be able to earn that six-figure salary.

Concise Communication

We all know that many employers highly regard great communication skills, and being concise is one of the most important skills you can acquire. It’s one of many ways you can improve your chances of getting a job.People who can make a point in as few words as possible are terrific candidates for management positions,

A High ‘Emotional Quotient’

Want to make your boss love you? Being especially adept at reading and understanding others’ emotions is a highly valued but vastly underrated job skill, said Kholkin.

“The millennial workforce loves leaders with a high EQ, which leads those who possess it to be promoted into managerial positions,” he said. That’s because managers with a high EQ will know how to get the most out of their staff in any industry

The Ability To Influence

The ability to get people to do whatever you need them to do without forcing them to do it is invaluable, With this skill, the best team leaders will be able to motivate their teams organically,” he said. But remember: True influencers are looked up to, not feared or followed strictly based on strong debating skills.


No one likes a downer. But an employee who is positive, even when given a downer of an assignment, is going to get appreciated, said Deborah Sweeney, an entrepreneur and CEO of MyCorporation.

“While so many employees plug along within their job descriptions, it’s noteworthy when someone has a positive attitude and engages with other team members and customers in a positive way,” she said.


If you think mindfulness is something you do outside the office to rebalance your life, you might want to think again. Studies show that this can be a vital job skill that can improve your productivity and decision-making.There are many ways to cultivate mindfulness.

Conflict Resolution Skills

When you work as part of a team, it’s inevitable that conflict will arise.

“Conflict itself is not inherently negative,” said Martha Schmitz, a senior adviser at job search resource Mentat. “It offers chances for folks to consider new ideas, challenge themselves and grow. However, it is important that differences of opinion are not allowed to fester and cause ongoing anger, tension or bitterness between colleagues.